It's the sugar, honey.

Muffin love of decades...

Muffin love of decades...

Keto. My beginner's story

Don't feel fresh like an apple, as fit as you wish to be? It's the sugar, honey - and the carbs. The worst thing we can do to start our day is with a marvelous fresh baked muffin accompanying our black coffee or foamy, nutty espresso. The sweet delight caressing our taste buds and soul has both, sugar and carbs, and a lot of it. Don't kid yourself, the anti oxidant blueberries don't help.

Okay then, my life is over. If I can't have my frivolous fix in the morning what is there to live for?

Slightly dramatized but seriously, I was obsessed for years, actually decades, with my morning muffin joy. I still hear the garcon in my fav cafe in Paris shouting "un double espress et un croissant" when he saw me entering the cafe on the corner of Rue Daguerre. In Portugal it was the "uma bica e um pastel de nata" and the Blueberry muffins of Downtown Subscription in Santa Fe were close to enlightening, matching the amazingness of those of Mimosa Cafe in Topanga. I can back trail my life via the muffins I had. For additional years in health nutty LA I felt proud of having a glutenfree toast with honey and cashew butter instead. But if I wasn't starving my weight didn't budge and my muscles didn't improve much, workout or not. The green juices I slurped and the hormones I took didn't change my skin, what a creepy crepey misery. I did something wrong, I had to face that my love, love, love for carbs from pancakes to potatoes caused aging, a hard pills to finally swallow but then I am into anti-aging. There was no more excuse to make.

It sucks when you can see the sugar sins in your face. Sugar kills our collagen and carbs add those pounds we don't like. But if you're open to fight aging, wrinkles can be a nice wake up slap. It took me a while to get fired up enough but I finally changed my routine.

On a magical Monday in July I started - and ended - my day with an avocado. I stuck the mixer into my coffee to froth the fatty mix of a teaspoon of grassfed butter (actually the cows are grass fed but this is the industry's term) a tea spoon of organic coconut oil and a splash of Bulletproof's Brain Octane. I owned it for a couple months now, luckily it wasn't expired yet. I get these ideas sometimes and put them on the shelf until one day... Today I had committed to Keto, a lifestyle that had smiled at me siren-like. I made my first Bulletproof coffee. I had no sugar and barely any carbs, all day.

It's all about motivation.

I love to do fashion therapy selfies and was annoyed that some of the cutest outfits didn't close at the waist. I looked into my eyes in the mirror and muttered the self love mantra "I love you", which I can say by now with all honesty as I love my angelic soul. But I also taxed my human body and complained "Woman, you're not living up to your potential." Luckily when you're vain that's a fantastic kicker. But I needed more. My Millenial son told me about his new thing, intermittent fasting and commented friendly and carefully on my "fruit only" day that they also have a bunch of sugar and carbs. "Have you looked at Keto? he asked." No. I haven't. Another diet? Last time I tried one was in 2015, the fad was called Soylent. It had been a dream come true for me: just add my amazing mountain valley spring water to the powder, shake it for a couple minutes in the provided container and done. Lunch or dinner is ready. Unfortunately it turned out to be less healthy than I had hoped for. When I asked the company to respond to the criticism of bloggers I didn't get an answer so I cancelled the monthly subscription. I wasn't convinced I should get excited about another smart nutrition idea coming from the tech kids.

I checked on a Youtube video later that day to figure out how to make my split screen Zoom interviews look better. "By accident" I had chosen an interview with Dr. Mark Hyman talking about a "Fat Summit." I watched the one hour interview and ordered the fat summit videos.

I had a cookie or two doing so.

Tip 1: when you are putting health ideals from one list to the next: Get your Ageless Rebel Planner and brainstorm your motivation; why would you want to be the art you truly are? What would perfect health change in your life? Create a vision of who you'd like to be in 30 years.

Tip 2: If you are hesitant to go on yet another diet ask your big questions about your life like what's missing in my life or why am I not really happy, fit and full of energy? Watch out for the messages and signs. Questions like that always get their answers when put out there with passion. It might be your dog who holds the answer. It might be that your path begins with hikes and Yoga. It might be that each time you grab a donut something happens and it falls into the dirt...

For me it was an email from a friend canceling a meeting explaining that she doesn't have the time for additional actions, "I have to keep my SINGLE POINTED FOCUS as that is what I preach."  I had asked my tarot cards earlier if and what I was missing, as I had the feeling that there was something I didn't see. The magical card response was lukewarm, but clarity came in - via the email.  My friend's words were perfect on two levels; they told me to focus, to forget the hype about having to have a h u n d r e d t h o u s a n d followers to make my business work. It had driven me nuts, I posted on Twitter and Linkedin and created a Youtube channel doing interviews with empowering women, wrote blog posts and articles as much as still posting on FB on three pages and feeding my four accounts on Instagram. I was 24/7 online talking about the Ageless Rebel lifestyle and mindset, and without any time left to be the real life health warrioress I had exercised before.

"Be what you preach" had hit the spot. I'm not a fake, damned. The urge to live my motivational talk again and embody my fearless amazingness rushed over me. Without further thinking I jumped in and learned about the diet later.

Tip 3: "If you want to be forever young, you have to do young things". Sometimes you have to just DO and make the perfect plan as you go, the young thing is to jump in, be spontaneous.

As women we have to be our vision or we will never be truly happy. As coaches we have to be our programs. Mine says that warrioresses can have it all, health, beauty, love and success. Now, when I am taking notes of my meals in the ageless rebel planner I feel like a peaceful warrior, my added diet discipline became empowering.

Body, mind and soul are alchemy, when we change something in one the others are affected.

My fear that I couldn't live or write without cookies is gone. My craving for carbs has switched to - loving lots of fat in my diet.

So on this magical Monday in July I started - and ended - my day with an avocado. I stopped eating at 6:00 p.m.  so I can have breakfast at 10:00 am as I added intermittent fasting and it prescribes 16 hours of rest for your digestive system.

Tip 4: Make it easy on yourself, get a diet book.

Winging it is great if you need to break resistance and go for it. I got scared though on day 4 feeling dizzy and weak as my body was going through the metabolic shift from eating easy carbs to pulling energy from my fat reserves. Bye little belly is worth a day or two of having to keep it slow but - it's better to be prepared.

Tip 5: Get a Keto app, it makes life so much easier. I bought the diet tracker for $2.99 per month, it's fast and easy. It's great for any diet.

That I wake up with a smile by now not a moan and feel all day like a well oiled machine (!) is enough for me to suggest that you check it out. Countless cool websites and videos like with Dr Mark Hyman, who calls his approach pegan, between vegan and paleo, are available to help. The diet is not just for weight loss, it's used to cure many inflammation related diseases.

I stuck the mixer into my coffee again this morning to froth the fatty mix of my bullet proof coffee on day 6. I'm making time to read Mark Hyman's cookbook, and introduction into the principles, which I bought as I couldn't fathom how 70 % of fat will look like on my plate. Thanks to the diet app I found it's not hard at all.  Adding my food to the tracker was a revelation really, my breakfast, which I had estimated as meager, summed up to whooping 640 calories.

As Keto's bacon is the last thing I dream of I am happy that my cookbook got meatless dishes. I prefer a recipe book, so I can write notes into it but there also are a bunch of recipes for vegetarian online. 

Tip 6: If you're a tea fan or a coffee opponent, check out bomb proof matcha or my super simple recipe; add two tea spoons of coconut oil to a fresh ginger root tea. Blend. It's delicious and great for digestion.

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Get your goodies, let's power up together. I became an affiliate for Bulletproof products, which are tested for years and and Amazon to make it super easy on you to start and to support my hopefully helpful and inspiring blogs and empowering Instagram posts.

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