Fit, fab and powerful forever, my Ageless Rebel is back on.

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I suffered from migraines, felt like a truck rolled over me in the morning, and recently was hit with a week of vertigo. I let go of my ageless rebel regimen for four months.

I’m done with going down.

“No book is worth letting going of self care,” said my artist friend Dieter, who lives an Ayurvedic Yogi life in Hawaii and is the perfect example for hip and healthy 70.

I had let go of my health regimen including workout and, instead of balancing stress, focused on finishing my Rebelle Barbie book so hard that my body rebelled, she’s a great warrioress and can take a lot but she had enough.

“Listen to your symptoms,” she said.

I did; I put my Ageless Rebel shirt back on. My mantra for my birth month of November is self care.

I was a health nut most of my life, Whole Foods in Santa Fe, NM loved me, now in LA it’s the smaller chain called Lassen’s appreciates my shopping sprees. I interviewed health gurus like David Wolfe, life extension experts like Aubrey de Gray and Liz Parrish, sucked in the information of futurist and longevity conferences and published the Ageless Rebel Planner in the beginning of the year. I went through 4 planners, 4 months of commitment to a regimen I made up and felt great.

We can feel not just okay but amazing over 60… “a day in the life of an ageless rebel,” published in Goldie Magazine is a reminder of the powerful me.

No more cookie binges. I’m back.

If you need commitment buddies join us on FB.

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What I did today, so far, so great:)

Brief meditation in bed, just letting my brain rest for a bit, even 20 second of no thoughts are beneficial

Drank collagen powder dissolved in 12 ounces of water

Took morning supplements (NAD, Krill oil, Phosphatydyl, Resveratol and estrogen hormone cream)

Moved my body, swinging arms, shaking, jumping

Wrote morning pages and framed my day with a plan

Walked dog

Espresso and croissant in my neighborhood cafe - posted socials

Green juice - wrote blog post

10 minutes dumb bell, kettle bell, plank -arms

Ginger water - write book for 2 hours

10 minutes workout - legs

10 minutes Yoga


In addition to my plan I will research a new health system, which seems to be super inclusive of all I love and also is a scientifically balanced system. I love the science behing the promises… Stay tuned as I will share if it makes sense.

If you feel like empowerment sidekicks, shirt and planners are in the rebel shop.

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Framing my day so that it cannot frame me.

Read more…. The beautiful post by Debbie shows my tee and talks about why she thinks there should be a little rebel in every woman’s life

Read more…. The beautiful post by Debbie shows my tee and talks about why she thinks there should be a little rebel in every woman’s life