How to use everything and everybody as storytelling messengers to make life more meaningful and fun.

Angie Weihs prescription glasses.jpg

“What is it that I don’t see?” I called out to the Universe at night under the stars. I asked the inner writer of my life the same question and meditated on my deeper knowing in my morning pages.

“What don’t I see?”

The Universe gave me new glasses.

The trip to the optometrist and getting prescription glasses was an answer to migraines, an attempt to counter my brain’s overload, reducing its work with interpreting what I see through eyes that are slightly worn out by decades of use.

I’d never thought that glasses would be journey but these “progressives” tested my patience and rattled my brain. They challenged me. The physical annoyance is that I have to move my head to whatever I want to see, not just from my computer to the tree where the squirrel squirms, nope, even within the confines of the computer screen. I have to constantly find that tiny window that gives me clear vision; the glasses have to become part of my eyes; we have to become one.


My drama queen moaned “I can’t do this, this is too much effort, it drives me nuts!!!” immediately followed by Mea Culpa; “I made a mistake, I wasted 1200 bucks, gawd…”

“Do you notice your pattern of reaction?” my brain interfered my panic attack, calming me slightly.

Mental declutter rule number 1; observe your reactions and patterns impartially.

Okay, I never liked when I didn’t understand something immediately, it made me feel powerless and “stupid.” If I was not successful in a new venture, sport or activity I split; done so with ballet, guitar lessons, art lessons, Kung Fu and horse riding. I am impatient.

Mental declutter rule number 2; reframe your thoughts.

I am just thinking an outmoded thought; it doesn’t mean that I own it or that it owns me.

I create a new neural pathway, “Welcome challenge of my new glasses. I am open to the adventure.”

Whatever I had been passionate for in my life I had successfully committed to. I love my eyes, visuals are my thing; Yes, I can do this. I reassured myself that these glasses are good for me via Google. After wearing them an entire patient Sunday they feel a little better. I feel better.

I am patient.

Mental declutter rule number 3; focus on the positive, which is like Martial Arts, you have to train every day to make the new form happen.

I welcomed my glasses as an exploration; what’s there to transform? I’m in love with my inner transformation queen as she lifts the mundane to meaning and gives crap a chance to amount to glorious insights.

When we use everything and everybody as storytelling messengers life elevates to meaningful fun like a movie, where every incident pushes the heroine/hero to their goal.

My glasses tell me that it is time for a different kind of focus. It’s funny really. How much more on the nose can the Universe get? I encountered these “too weird to believe” messages several times in my life and didn’t see the forest from the trees because I was stuck in my belief of not being good enough.

If you want to truly SEE, change your perspective.

What had pained me as an artist recently, a writer who desires to create exiting, adventurous and “perfect” books, is the need to make them a financial success. It’s a pressure that paralyzes me sometimes, caused migraines and vertigo.

I had tried to revive my green wedding planning company Eco and the Princess, wearing “I’m open for opportunities” on my forehead. Nothing happened.

See? I knew it. Back to writing.

A domino chain of small events brought me a business offer, which fits to my Ageless Rebel concept; changing women’s lives on the four levels I had promoted as inseparable a year ago; body, soul, mind and spirit. I had put the concept aside to put everything I’ve got into my writing projects, Rebelle Barbie and I’m not a princess, I am a Queen.

I shouldn’t, couldn’t do an new business; it asks for time and cash investment, both taking me away from the publication of my books in the nearest possible future…. but, whispered the little voice, “wouldn’t it help you write your art free flowing? Without stress ‘to make it big’ ?”

I drew Tarot cards, images and symbols are a language that talks to us on deeper levels waking up a more intuitive knowing.


For me, using divinatory elements in my life means to be open to other ways of understanding the world than rational thinking. It is an inspiration not a mandate. I feel it out, pick and chose and hopefully see the answer my inner guidance wants me to see.

Two of cups says; shared feeling, an important connection is forged.

Ace of Pentacles says; being grounded and down to Earth about a particular matter, prosperity, security, an opportunity, a new source of income, nature conspires to lend the querant a hand.

Four of Pentacles says; resistance to change and fear of letting go.

Do they confirm the validity of the business opportunity?


Thanks for the glasses. I’ll look at this offer with “new eyes.”

I can see things differently.