Ten steps to invite magic into your life

To invite magic we act magical, play with our believes and experience our powers.

It’s all about raising and releasing the powerful energy of focused thought, feeling and supporting it with action.

The alchemy of my sacred four; body, mind, soul and spirit works better than a charm.

1.    Create a morning and evening ritual integrating aspects for each of the sacred four - a 10 minute workout or Yoga exercises, writing your morning pages, playing inspiring music and even if only a five-minute meditation.

2.    Find a mantra for your week and make it your magic spell for every day

3.    Create personal and meaningful affirmations

4.    Weave mindful hacks into our life

5.     Play – use charms, power objects, potions and altars as much as mantras and mandalas

6.    Integrate magical playful style elements into your outfits

7.    Build a small altar praising what’s dear or sacred to you, it might be yourself

8.    Make a cute little power pouch with items that remind you of or give you strength

9.    Find the archetypes you resonate with and make them part of your story

10.  Use candles, herbs, and elixirs

11.   Chose a magical diary to manifest your dream

In the Ageless Rebel planner we've got a treasure chest of mantras, mindful hacks and affirmations to chose from.

Using magic in our lives honors not only our own sacred beliefs but the many amazing women who did not fit into the order and religion of their time and were punished for being visionaries and healers.