13 tips and 8 steps for your amazing Instagram gallery

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OMG, that's so cool. "I told all my friends and everybody loves it," Barbie smiled when I balanced my Iphone on a cactus to take pictures of us. Kristine, Kathleen and Marla's Instagram pictures improved with smiles and letting go of fear and Ruth taught my tricks of the selfie trade to her friends on Facebook. "Merveilleux" "Klasse" "Giro"... I love how my I-Phone game has begun to cruise the world. That was 2018.

I’m republishing the tips as I see so many amazing women with cool content not making the best of what they’ve got.

  1. Ladies, just posting pictures of your cuisine, knitting, gardening or spiritual wisdom is boring. We want to get to know you. Your face. Your smile. Your frown; but not so much of that. Being serious is seriously overrated.

  2. Text pictures are boring. Pronto.

  3. Teach if you love it by being you, by living and showing you

  4. Sales pictures are boring, mix it up

  5. Badly lit pictures are insulting your followers esthetics

  6. When you post, don’t think of people as clients or pupils but as friends on your level, even if you feel you have so much to teach them

  7. Let go of your fear of not being liked, even if it takes longer, being a sheep for applause is excruciatingly unsatisfying in the end

  8. Make your philosophies fun

  9. Keep your videos quirky and short

  10. And I repeat myself; sell less and don’t sell your Self.

  11. Don’t plan every shoot, but plan some for quality of form and content aligning

  12. Take care of your pictures as much as your hopefully take loving care of yourself

  13. Don’t color coordinate if it doesn’t make sense for your content but always keep an eye on the look of the whole gallery

Trending; pictures in which you move, laugh, be funky, quirky or philosophical from your experience; be real and show your soul. I literally "wear my heart on my sleeve."

Good question to ask for authenticity: "What does this setting, outfit, design etc matter to me?" Mix posed and snap shots, catch your self reading, writing, debating or “walk by”, be spontaneous.

Another tip; I stash an extra outfit into my car when I'm going somewhere new or interesting; you never know what amazing setting will inspire you to dance for your followers.

Step 1
You discover the coolest, storytelling or arty, moody, crazy background. Yay! If you can, you move into the shade.

Step 2  No tripod? Don't despair. Prop it on the lamp post!
Vases on restaurant tables, flowerpots, window sills work perfectly.

Step 3
Is the phone safe? Get the sticky tape you'll always carry in the glove department, secure the phone if needed. I crashed the screen of my phone by putting it on an iffy spot, 10-9-8.. and there it went onto the street.

Step 4
Set ten second timer, take a test picture.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.00.18 PM.png

Step 5
Reposition yourself if needed

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Step 6
Take several pictures. Have fun with it. People in the street will stop for you or walk by you creating the coolest photo bomber images.

Step 7
Choose your favorite (s) and post

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Step 8

The best for last; when you see a cool back ground and don't have a tripod, drive your car close to it, open the window and stick your phone into the rubber lining of your car door. Perfection right there. And nobody smirks about your selfie stick or tripod.


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