How to make Instagram your Guru

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Checking on our intentions before and after posting our pictures helps to clear our mind and soul from needs and wants and me-me-me...

Today, in my not very successful attempt to unclutter my physical stuff I found my Capoeira pants. They became my mantra of today; add action to my desires. Be fearless.

I overcame my resistance against the pain of picking up running again, got up from behind the computer and moved. My Ageless Rebel tank top help me feel even fiercer😎 To make a point I posted the picture on Instagram and Facebook.

Uncluttering my social media I asked myself, what's my true desire here, why am I posting this picture?

It is both, giving and receiving.

I want to inspire with being authentic and tell my truth even if it's not what everybody likes to hear. To empower other women with what I have to offer, means that I need to give what I'm truly passionate about, have experience with and am good at. To be real means my to add my challenges and pondering to my expertise.

I was always good at being a rebel for a cause; a better life for people and shelter dogs, women's rights and personal freedom. That's what I can give; my journey to my truth, which is a curious and adventurous process, standing up for what I feel is right, fair and just, and embodying who I really am, fearlessly.

I committed to say what I feel and wear what I want not restricted by ageism, political correctness or the need to be liked.

Letting go of the initial obsession with likes was a step to a new confidence.

I love the likes, don't get me wrong, comments are even better and when communication occurs that's grand. But I am not pleasing for likes.

By giving all of me without filter I receive clarity and motivation and the bonus that i eventually will be seen as who I truly am, by myself and my followers. 

I taught a friend what I know about Instagram and realized what an amazing journey this platform has offered to me and what a cool teacher my gallery has been; it became a clarity tool defining the depth of my understanding of "ageless"  and exploring my many personas; the fearless rebel and amazon, the silly teeny bopper and the embracing queen to name a few.  Posting my ideas leads me to my true passion and closer to my purpose. By picturing what I like to achieve, the ideal me, I became my own empowerment guru. Every vibrant and powerful presentation of my self gave me a push not just to show but also BE my avatar.

Remember the life coaching question "How to envision yourself in one year?" Instagram is perfect for that; how do you envision your day, what can you wear to show who you are and what inspiration, knowing or magic would you like to put out into the world today.... so much fierce goodness.

Questions to ask when going for truly authentic social media posts

1. Does this reflect who I truly am?

2. Does this bring me joy?

Am I doing this

3. to impress or to share an idea?

4. to get more followers or to entertain and uplift?

5. with likes in mind or what I truly like?

6. What does this matter to me?

7. Why will it matter to others?

8. What is the story I am telling?

9. What can I post to manifest the story I'd like to live now?

10. Who am I talking to?

11. What can I post that empowers me and my followers?

After posting check in

12. How does this make me feel?

12. Is this a gift to others or a "me me me" ?

13. Does this contain an insight?

14. Is this preaching or telling a story?

15. Does this cherish our journeys?

16. Would I send this to my best friend?