Coaching is cool but if you like to be your own guru we put a bunch of our experience into the cutest empowering sidekicks.

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Ageless Rebel.

This interactive and playful planner is a flashlight to your ageless essence, link to your spirit, training tool for your mind and a badass coach for your fab fit body; it's your sidekick on your journey into agelessness.

1. Introduction

  • Who is an ageless rebel?
  • Quick start by example
  • Aging is a bitch
  • How to use this journal
  • Questionnaire; where am I Right Now?

2. Treasure chest

  • Playlist for your Personal Ritual
  • Affirmations and Mantras
  • Mindful Hacks and Action Breaks
  • Favorite Supplements
  • Your Healthy Power Boost
  • Life style shopping list
  • For women who love inspiration for their rituals and life style plus a kick butt accountability buddy.
  • 3. Planning & journaling

  • Create Your Playbook 1
  • Manifest Your Week 1 -4
  • With pages for creativity and images for meditative coloring
  • First Month Finale, Where are you Now?
  • Create your Playbook 2
  • Manifest Your Week 1 -4
  • With pages for creativity and images for meditative coloring
  • Second Month Finale, Where are you Now?
  • Honey, you're Ageless preview
Sneak peak into the inside coloring gorgeousness.

Sneak peak into the inside coloring gorgeousness.

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Soul Sister.

This sweet and sassy planner, diary and meditative journal starts with a fierce and fun poem setting the tone for your creative, playful journey to own or to become all that your are and to thrive with a confidence as powerful as your essence.

What’s in it?

Your first treasure box is "Choose your Magic," it's filled with inspiration for your mantras, affirmations, rituals, mindful actions, and action breaks.

In “Create your Playbook” you’ll take inventory of your desires, goals, and make a plan for your first month.

Month 1 focuses on your soul, month 2 focuses on your connection to your soul sisters. For each month you got

• A monthly calendar for soul and soul sister related actions or to plan your social media stories.

• Two pages to record your affirmations and morning/evening rituals

For every day you'll enjoy

• 1 page for your morning thoughts and intentions

• 1 page for your day's observations and reflections.

At the end of the planner you’ll find a play box of 8 prompts. They are related to the themes of each week. If you’re up for it they’ll be fun and clarify your path. Pick and chose depending on your journey.

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