If you ever felt like Cinderella join the club of Rebel Queens.

Styling from the inside out.

Fashion can be an adventure, both a journey to our authentic self and a creative path of showing the world who we really are.

Our wardrobe as much as outfits we admire from afar tells us stories of who we really are and where we came from. We are encoded with a DNA blueprint that holds much more than just the color of our skin; it’s a story book of our lineage and our very own unique essence. Using your life’s journey and the psychology of color, shapes and forms you’ll see and amplify your individual beauty as defined by YOU, not by the demand to follow fashion magazines. We make trends a playful journey to discover more facets of ourselves.

It is not what we can do for fashion but what fashion can do for us.

Outfits talk

Imagine to get to know your self on a deeper level by doing what you love; playing dress up….

The OLD.

Stories are our lives. The stories we are given when we come to this planet are embedded in tales as old as the first speaking human; they have formed us since forever.

As you begin to shed the societal templates, you’ll come into greater contact with your authentic Self, making space for exploration for a greater you and the different aspects of your psyche. With Angie’s support and guidance through her signature process, you’ll explore and heal buried parts of yourself; you create true confidence and safety by empowering your truth.

Looking at your life like an Indiana Joan’s or Disney movie puts it on a pedestal, no matter how crappy it might have been at times.

The NEW.

When we realize that we have the power to consciously create our lives by choosing which stories and beliefs to keep, to tweak or to toss we become rebel queens, ReBelles, who say no to limitations and yes to liberation; we own our queendom and rule it from self love.

From this deep place of permission and ownership of YOU, we open doors to new connections; you see the world as your mirror and other women as your muses and supporters. Comparison and competition fade away.

We make this stage of your evolution, self expression and even leadership gorgeously fulfilling.

If it is your goal you will become an influencer from your soul, a truth nobody can resist.

Imagine your story to be


- so authentic that your followers or readers can't but connect with you because your vulnerability is heart opening

- so valuable in its message that people want to hang out with you, hire or book you - or simply to hear more from you

- so unique in its crazy drama, funky opera or sweet romance that it is like a siren everybody wants to know

- so knowledgeable, wise or witty that you become a guiding light to others


Imagine your story to reflect happily in your life style

- your outfits

- your fitness

- your social action

- your imagery


Imagine your story gives you everything your ever wanted

  • to be seen as who you truly are

  • to be appreciated

  • to be paid for what you are worth

  • to be loved by your self and others

When you got to the heart of your story you are on the way to your HAPPY END; your new empowered beginning.

Why would you trust ME?

My MA in Literature, studies of art therapy and my experiences as a journalist with hundreds of published stories trained me to listen and to assist people in intuitively discovering the essence of their story. My theater experiences, which resulted in a non fiction book about experimental theater and my extensive studies of screen writing with teachers like Syd Field and Corey Mandell allow me to see the structure of your life, which often is more intricate and fantastic than movies.

I wanted to be a stage designer as a kid and now I can be yours; designing your life in a new way using “props”, your outfits as entry points to your magic.

Writing about my life’s trials, errors, discoveries and successes let me discover how much fashion created a path to who I am today.

I walk my truth after six decades. Contact me to play dress up and discover yours.

If you want to be a Goddess, (all you can be) you better be a Warrioress first.”
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