If you ever felt like Cinderella join the club of Rebel Queens.

"You don't want to die because you don't want to loose the continuous streaming of stories in your head," he said and I agreed. I love stories. Netflix is my middle name.

The OLD.

Stories are our lives. The stories we are given when we come to this planet are embedded in stories as old as the first speaking human; they have formed us since forever. When we realize that we have the power to consciously create our lives by choosing which to keep, to tweak or to toss we become rebel queens, we say no to limitations and yes to liberation; we own our queendom.

The NEW.

Looking at your life like a Disney movie or a Legend of Zelda game puts it on a pedestal, no matter how crappy it has been at times. A good screenwriter tortures his darlings to get them to the goal, which in our case is the passion and purpose of our lives. There are maps and countries, mentors and enemies, gremlins and fairies, there are foreshadowing, magical whispers, crossroads, mischievous messages and hammers of fate, there are red threads and blueprints.

We discover a tale that empowers us and inspires others.

Your memoir, bio, branding, resume, your Instagram and Facebook - everything needs unforgettable story.

Imagine your story to be


- so authentic that your readers or listeners can't but connect because your vulnerability is heart opening

- so valuable in its message that people want to hire or book you, buy or read more from you

- so unique in its crazy drama, funky opera or sweet romance that it is like a siren everybody wants to meet

- so knowledgeable, wise or witty that credibility is established at the "The End"


Imagine your story to reflect happily in your life style

- your outfits

- your fitness

- your social action

- your imagery


Imagine your story gives you everything your ever wanted

- to be seen as who you truly are

- to be appreciated

- to be paid for what you are worth

When you got the heart of your memoir or your signature story for your business you are on the way to your HAPPY END.

I invite you to contact me here “Free Story Strategy Session” where we can talk in person about your book or business. I'll also tell you more about myself.

Why would you trust ME?

"My MA in Literature is cool but what really counts is my experience as a journalist with hundreds of published stories. It trained me to intuitively discover the essence of my many interviewees. My theater experiences, which resulted in a non fiction book about experimental theater and my extensive studies of screen writing with teachers like Syd Field and Corey Mandell let me see the structure of your life, often more intricate and fantastic than movies."

I got to my own story, a path with lots of trials and errors because I had business but not story coaches. I used my art therapy studies and everything I had learned from my life coach, movement classes, meditation, morning rituals, vision quests and shamanic journeys.

REBELLE will be published in June.

I learned how to get there. To the juicy authentic story. For me and you.

If you want to be a Goddess, (all you can be) you better be a Warrioress first.”
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