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I always felt like an Alien looking at this human life with curiosity and awe, exploring it to the max during my visit. I’ve paid a lot of Alien bucks to get here so I better make it amazing.
Angie Weihs
"I’m not a princess",” she said," I am a black Queen.”

"I’m not a princess",” she said," I am a black Queen.”

Hello beautiful woman!

I am Angie Weihs and I am honored you are here.

Last summer, writing the manuscript for “Thank you for the Flowers”, a memoir about my many rebellions, I was reminded of a sidekick that had been always at my side; my vanity. Give me a shiny object and I find myself in it… At her best, vanity was an important guide, a creative power tool. At her worst she was a pain in the neck; a need to impress and manipulate myself and the rest of my world.

What is the magic of fashion and style? What is hidden in “beautiful”?

My conscious year-long fashion journey into many different styles was a slow but steady awakening; how we style ourselves and our lives, what we yearn for or reject is like a blueprint of our heroine’s journey. Outfits have power, they are our second skin; they protect and shield us, invite, provoke or please the world around us. Outfits talk and when we listen they become amazing eye and heart-opening story tellers.

We own our fashion and don’t let fashion own us.

I always wanted to say that out loud.

I created ReBelle, styling from the inside out”; a journey of re-discovering our true beauty. What’s more fun then using child-like play, the joy of dress ups as creative guide to manifest our true selves? As we speak women are rediscovering lost parts of themselves in the challenge outfits I chose for them. We will publish their stories soon.

Stylish heels or combat boots; what will your soul prefer?