"Honey, You're Ageless", set to be released in mid-2017, explores the author's journey from fear & loathing on the road to OLD to the life-changing freedom of owning her ageless essence. It’s an adventure of discovery where words and be- liefs, feelings and philosophies become flashlights to her soul. It’s an exploration of dungeons, where the dragons of resistance can be mightier than the sword of truth and a glorious journey on which we pick up treasures and powers like our most-loved heroes and heroines. We fly on the wings of our dreams, and ride with the monsters of our nightmares.

It's the perfect companion for anyone on the path to the fearless fun of forever young. When you enter your ageless essence you have the power to change your world. See below for for an outline of "Honey you're Ageless".

Part 1 - MINDSET

What the heck was I thinking? 

Aging as a flashlight to your essence; how to use your beliefs, resistance, desires and feelings to discover your truth

Level 1 – The power of CLARITY
Level 2 – The journey of EXPLORATION

Level 3 – The adventure of IMAGINATION


What the heck was I doing?

If we want to be forever young, we have to do young things.

Level 4 – The journey of changing your mind

Level 5 - The path to health and beauty
Level 6 – The magic of dancing with your soul

Level 7 – The mindful flight with spirit

Level 8 - The power of action

Part 3 - SCIENCE

Why the heck does nobody want to live forever?

Femme Futura plays with Cyborgs and what can we do right here and now?

Level 9 – What works, what doesn't?

Level 10 – Psst, what about death?

Level 11 - Radical life extension

Level 12 – The masters of longevity


Seriously, where do we land when we do ALL THIS?

Level 13 - F**k graceful aging; meet 13 Ageless Rebels who love their ageless life