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“Ageless Rebel” is a community-oriented group for women of all ages who love to share their skills, stories, their powers and style as much as their woes, worries and pet peeves with ageism. We love open-minded discussions of a wide spectrum; dogs as sidekicks, living forever or the yummiest healthy dishes and fashion ideas. Support sometimes means constructive criticism and helpful feedback isn’t always praise. When we come from love support can be many things.

The two main themes and guides offered by Angie Weihs are based on life long studies and exploration and three years of experimenting, experiencing and learning in these two fields.

“Outfits Talk” - Fashion theater/ fashion therapy

How can we discover ourselves and our beliefs in our outfits? What do they tell us that we haven’t seen yet in therapy? Outfits guide us to deeper levels, even to our myth and make our story fun and crystal clear.

How do fashion and trends become tools to manifest our dreams?

Let’s align our story and outfits with our message and branding.

“Instagram is our Guru”

How can social media empower us and make us grow?

We make our galleries a picture book of who we truly are.

Styling and social media can be daunting but we transform them into sidekicks of clarity and empowerment.


How do you feel enough?

What do you mean HOW? I don't feel enough, so there no how.

Why not?

"Cause I'm "too much."

That's what I was told as a kid; I was too loud, bossy and boyish or to too girly, giggly and sissy, I talked too much, ran too fast and my opinions were totally too much. I reinforced these messages with every boy friend, professor or boss.

Telling the mirror "I love you?" I gave my image the finger instead.

I took me a year going through stages and stages of resistance, halfhearted okays and attempts of acceptance. To get to unconditional love in general was intense, to apply the concept to myself seemed borderline impossible. I had flirted with myself over the years but love? I lived six decades without it. You get used to that.

What changed? I transformed my inner rebel who had fought to be acknowledged, accepted, applauded and approved by the outside world to rebel for me for a chance; for me to love my Self.

Our cemetery of broken dreams is waiting.

Our cemetery of broken dreams is waiting.

I arrived at "I feel ENOUGHER".

Following the flashlight of my anger back in time I had discovered my inner rebel as the driving force in my life, lifting me up and crushing me. The first I was supposed to have said wasn't mom or dad, it was NO.

When AGING came along the NO!! was huge. I hadn't lived my "real" me yet, I didn't even exactly know who that was. I couldn't age, I needed time. So I rebelled against biological downfall and decay, screamed against OLD.

My soul's aggressive "never ever call me Senior!" woke me up. I took my anger and transformed it into medicine. Not only did I acknowledge my fierce rebel girl, I began to understand her, become her and use her power to shed my chains.

I entered the graveyard of my forgotten dreams.

In them I found the lost pieces of myself. My rebel journey guided me to my beautiful Yes to who I am; a warrioress for the magic of my life, my knowing, intuition and vision. I find treasures every day now just because I am open for their existence and believe that I'm good enough to deserve them.

In my warrioress coaching we summon our inner rebel to eliminate what is hindering us. On level 2 we enter the warrioress phase, manifesting our Yes to our amazing potential and truth. One day we'll get to level 3, to simply BE all we are. I love the word goddess for this stage, as she's grand, a gorgeous enoughness. But to get there we have to be a warrioress first and feel in all our cells what it means to be free of limiting beliefs and to be grateful for our sweet little human selves from the bottom of our soul; self love is the alchemy for a fulfilled life.
I love the warrioress,  she puts a smile on my face every day and kicks my butt whenever needed. "Enougher" feels pretty amazing.

Goddess here we come...👑

Your age-free body, your ageless soul and the diet that fits them both

I did Keto for ten days, no sugar, low carb, lots of fats and more protein than I usually eat...
It was an interesting, re-setting everything experience, which I can only recommend. I was inspired to follow the rules, (wow!) get a Keto counting app showing cool graphs of how what I was eating looks divided into calories, proteins, carbs and fats. It's fun to try out new recipes - especially if you actually like cooking.
I lost a couple pounds, slept better and feel happier. Most probably because of 30 Trillion happy cells and 40 Trillion good bacteria won over the sugar and carb cravings of a couple billion bad bacteria. No sugar is fantastic.
1. I love my croissant when I write. That's emotional health right here, happiness and content are important. Constant worrying that I do something wrong is defeating the purpose of healthy balance and my stomach tensed up
2. I got sick of pouring oil over everything. My body simply told me "don't do so" with slight nausea after ten days when only smelling coconut oil
3. I like the longevity promising concept of intermittent fasting but it doesn't quite fit my life, it's close though. I stop eating at 6 and have breakfast at 9. That's 15 of the 16 hours recommended rest.
4. I don't like eating animals so the chicken and salmon excursion did not enrich my daily experience or make me feel stronger. I'm a vegetarian so it reminded me that eating animals isn't for me.
5. I had to wash my hair more often as it looked fatty fast
What I learned:
Experiment with concepts and listen to your body's reaction and messages
What I mastered:
I follow the basic rules of a diet that makes sense to me; low carb, minimum sugar                          I mix a badass bullet proof coffee                           
I don't eat late
I don't emo-binge
I don't have a whiskey with game of thrones
(Get your dragoness fire elsewhere)                                                                                              What I give myself permission for:                                                                                                        - to buy expensive organic foods as food is medicine                                                                         - to stay happily vegetarian                                                                                                                 - to thoroughly enjoy my croissant when writing and the amazing dark sugar free chocolate when diving into TV magic       

- Food is pleasure; I will enjoy social eating

Keto got me into my the rebel queen'sstrengths of strategy, discipline and the wisdom of intuition. It was totally worth ten days of feeling hungry most of the time. As I ate my prescribed calories, I assume that "hunger" was more the bad bacteria telling me they're freaking want their sugar.
Today I had guacamole without chips for lunch, no oil added.

Did you know that crushing garlic and letting it sit for a few minutes for chemical reactions to happen enhances its powers?
What's about your diet experiences?




How to make anger your best friend

"I could jump at her throat".

Anger is our wild and cell shattering action invitation, wrapped in fiery sparks and primordial lust to hunt and kill. Harnessing this energy explosion makes you the badass you want to be.

Next time when you feel the fury don't repress it or feel guilty. Use it.

Repressing anger turns people into vicious snakes; when they get triggered they spit their anger at us in moments of lost control. Often they don't even remember or are able to admit to their rage. It is too painful for their self image of being good members of society.

Each time my former boss reprimanded me as if I was a naughty kid, the "black sheep of our family" she jolted me forward into my truth, into new ideas and the urge to change my life. For the longest time though I took it back with rational arguments of needing to be responsible and keeping the job. Perhaps she even was my purgatory and I had to suffer for ancient Karma? 

When I finally blew up, literally in a car crash, and quit the job I had enough of the martyr role I had played. My angry NO slowly turned into an amazing YES to this other, still nebulous me.

I followed the path of my rage to its roots. I found sadness and disappointment and a huge bag of tears that needed to be cried. I discovered my inner self, acknowledged her pain, forgave us for the anger and the people we had hurt in its path.

My anger opened a story book of lost dreams, the need to please and an relentlessness ambition to be perfect, while silencing my Self.

I accepted the invitation to act and re-arranged my mindset small step after small step. I exercised the muscle of perception like a Zen warrioress and and two years later I own the whole package of myself.

10 steps of how to make anger your best friend

1. Feel your anger without fear.

Avoid lashing back at what or who causes your inner volcano to erupt. Take your anger and bring it to a place where you can scream, stomp and curse without hurting others. You can always have a talk or take an appropriate action later when you know what your anger really means.

"I'll get back to you on this." And the door falls shut, for now.

2. Acknowledge what just happened and how you feel.

3. Accept it

Anger is often directed by our subconscious mind furiously smoldering in unresolved issues. Acceptance is being open to and welcoming your inner Rumpelstiltskin as a messenger. Give your anger the right to exist like a loving mom reacts to a tantrum of her kids; with loving compassion and understanding.

4. Welcome it

Welcome its fierce fury, the energy of the goddess Kali who will support you to destroy limitations

5. Use its fiery determination

Anger comes from the same source as passion, it really is a passionate outcry from your soul for you to transform what is holding you back and get on with your purpose.

6. Open up and listen to the message

Meet your Self, the angry kid, the grumpy bitch, the furious woman. Feel the pain underneath the anger. It often is powerlessness and might lead you to your intitial disappointment and sadness.

7. Use it like a laser beam

Meditate or journal and let the anger shine light into your past and guide you to its origins

8. Recover your past

a. Inherited anger; give it back to whom it belongs. Cut the cords to other people's pain and rage.

b. Step into your "enemies" shoes, see where their unfair and hurtful actions are coming from. Understand their pain, feel compassion and from there forgive them. Not sanctifying their actions, caused by their issues but forgiving the human being behind their issues.

c. Forgive yourself for not knowing what to do and having been powerless

d. Reactive anger of the moment; find the diamonds in the mess. What was the trigger for your reaction? What was taken from you, what did you have to deny yourself? Show your inner bullies the door by being angrier than they are, in your full right and awareness

9. Turn anger into gold and diamonds,  into any shiny thing your heart truly desires

Make a list and turn every negative into its opposite; every pain into a vision, every lost into a found

10. Discover what the opposites can do for you

11. Apply the magic

Exercise your discoveries and learn to own your power one small action at a time. Many small wins will create the grand picture of YOU.

12. Creative action for mind and soul

Kali, is the Hindu Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction, a Goddess of many layers. She destroys to liberate like fire engulfs the old to make way for the new.

If you'd like to add magic to your life, a dimension other than the every day reality, dive into the history and meaning of Kali and create an altar for her and the powers you would like to enter.

Barren. A Menopause mindset.

"Look what I found."

An invitation I had written 35 years ago appeared in my messages. I had shared a train ride through Europe with a cute photographer and obviously had sent him a letter to visit me in my hometown. I scrambled for a very vague memory and messaged back "It took you a while to respond". It was a giggle to look at this sweet, courageous initiative half my life ago. Hitting on a guy? I suppose I had those bold moments even if I always felt shy.

How cute that he kept that note. I checked out his FB profile, still good looking and successful and aw, his 30-year-old girlfriend expects a baby.

Wait a minute; the man is my age.

Can I have another child? No. Why the heck not?

Perhaps I want a daughter now after I finally grew up. But no way, women are stopped in their tracks after menopause. I am not for overpopulating the world but it seriously bugs that men are allowed to do so. What about balance, fairness, democracy?

Biologists point to Darwin. I point to patriarchal mindset.

No, I don't want to be rational at the moment. I take my pissedoffness and run with it:

If loosing the ability to bear children doesn't already suck, the loss of hormones results in wobbly skin and wrinkly faces. And here's (yet another) glitch in the human design; men loose their youthful looks as much as we do but while our ovaries shut down they keep their sperm producing power. I suppose with that preserved potential some of them feel entitled to simply, easily and conveniently exchange their old wives with younger child bearing models. 

Why do young women accept the run down bodies of their partners while fancy old men can’t bear old women? As men fear their own aging demise looking into the mirror of their mature spouses, shouldn’t young women be afraid of their future in the face of furrows?

What makes old men attractive to them, the promise of being taken care of, money, power, a dad-like safe haven? And why, when it is the other way round are successful women with young boyfriends still looked at as cougars?

The question is always; who profits from what?  In this case it seems a win/win for the male and a loose/loose for the female.

Getting suspicious?

If it is all biological, evolution and such what would be the reason for nature trusting men to make a responsible decision about creating off spring and not women? Looking at our human history I don’t quite see where that trust would come from as the patriarchy has raped the planet for centuries; it would mean that Mama Earth has a battered woman syndrome.

Grossly overpopulating the planet is selfish and what about the personal drama? As long as most men die between 80 and 90 they produce a child knowing that the pain of their death is included in the parenting package and could happen as early as their kid hits 15.

Staying in this old paradigm the child would be robbed of its protector and provider, not a natural choice.

Coming to biology’s defense is the fact that it is much harder for a woman’s body to grow a child for 9 months than it is for a man to make one in a couple seconds. Sure, but for the sake of believing in smart evolution why not make the woman’s body stronger then instead of taking rights away from her? Random mutation is a lame excuse.

It’s lopsided and there’s no way around it.

This added power gives wrinkled men the confidence not to freak out and run to their cosmetician while women are so panicky about aging and loosing their “pretty” value that in some cases they already get Botox at 30 or younger. How many times have I cursed the mirror and pulled the skin of my face to my ears pondering cosmetic surgery or at least a couple fillers…

Mindset Changes

The “future is female” movement is the pink power expression of the change that’s happening. Women empowerment is initiated, celebrated on many levels and we are beginning to walk our strength and truth, we own bodies of all shapes, skins of all colors and our ages.

Not good enough is fading.

Women over 50 having kids these days; does mindset change the body’s abilities? Have we just been brainwashed to expect menopause and all its unfortunate side effects? Meaning if we don’t wait for it, it won’t come? A friend of mine doesn’t have any signs of menopause with 55, not because she wants kids but because she’s passionate about not loosing her sex drive. Is her desire overriding her “biology”?

Looking at balance, fairness and democracy; we can’t wait for it. We acknowledge what is and transform crap into gold.

We need new thoughts and it starts at birth.

Stop telling boys not to cry and to be tough, let them be sensitive and have a feel for their own beauty not just that of their women. Stop telling girls to be pretty, let them be strong and creative an have a sense for independence from men. 

Give both of them the chance to be who they truly are. One thing is for sure; the alignment of mind, body, soul and spirit will create a new aesthetic, and bodies will be expressions of our essence.

Balance is possible, it is up to us.

The new species of women are rebel queens; powerful warrioresses, wise rulers, compassionate mothers and passionate lovers. Supported by sensible kings who long just as much for truth and freedom from limitations as we do.

There will be a time when our evolution is saturated with awareness and age doesn’t not matter only affinities do, the frequency we’re on. That’s a whole new paradigm of a free life.

At that time, the option to live as long as we like will be reality and with that even the hormonal problem will be solved.

That women always draw the shorter stick will end with a new mindset of men and women, a conscious r-evolution where we co-create with nature.

Who is an Ageless Rebel ?

She is a woman who says no to the restrictions of conventional laws of beauty and traditional gender roles. She says no to graceful AGING as she does not want to enter the limiting paradigm of “old” at all.

The ageless rebel says yes to discover and own her unique power, fearless of inner or outer judgment. Yes to her unique beauty and her innovative mind and crazy, sexy soul. Yes to the freedom to wear what she wants and say what she truly feels.

She draws from her past of goddess, priestesses, amazons, courtesans, oracles, sorceress, rebel queens, and witches, and stands up for feminine principles of love, intuitive wisdom, compassion, and understanding.

She is open to cutting edge technology and consciously creates her future. She owns her looks, adores her mind, loves her soul, and is connected to her spirit. She certainly does not play it small anymore.

The ageless rebel may or may not use cosmetic enhancements, but she will never depend on them for her self worth; her confidence outshines any wrinkles.

She calls other women her sisters not her competition, and believes that we thrive in women tribes. She co-creates a lifestyle for all to become their dreams.

She is a rebel as she does everything in her power to feel, think, look, and act age-free with the passion of a warrior and the discipline of a disciple.

The Evolution of Women Power  goes both ways depending on where you're at. Too sweet, too angry? Emotions are the most amazing flashlights to our truth.  We dance with your soul to amazing freedom; the rhythms go from flowing waltz to fierce Capoeira...

The Evolution of Women Power goes both ways depending on where you're at. Too sweet, too angry? Emotions are the most amazing flashlights to our truth.

We dance with your soul to amazing freedom; the rhythms go from flowing waltz to fierce Capoeira...