"We don't grow old, we grow - exponentially."
Angie Weihs

My story is a 60-year crash course through all human emotions in one little lifetime; feeling and understanding them fast and furiously.

I took on different personas in different countries, diving fully into successes and failures to come back up to emotional and spiritual highs of magic and awareness. Climbing up a deep, dark, and hilarious spiral, my journey floated in and out of doing and understanding.

I was a good girl and a rebel, a Catholic and an Atheist, a mother and a warrior, a priestess and a punk, a martyr and a goddess, a boss and a waitress, rich and poor, hilariously happy and terribly sad.

My spiritual explorations weaved itself through decades and entailed breath work, play therapy, psychodrama, guided imagery, symbolic modeling, active imagination, movement therapy, dream work, role playing, Gestalt therapy, sand tray, journal therapy, archetypal psychology and regression therapy, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot readings, Afro Haitian dancing, and shamanic journeys with Native American leaders. 

My professional credentials include my MA in literature and sociology, a traditionally published self help book, “Free Theater” and being a professional journalist for 5 years in Germany and England, 7 entrepreneurial years in Portugal and over a decade planning weddings and events with my eco friendly company Eco and the Princess in Los Angeles.

On a very practical level I coached close to a thousand wedding couples and families in their wedding planning process; stress, anxiety, melt downs, money issues, fights between moms and daughters, Bridezilla syndroms, even doubts about the love of their lives... You name it, I was there for them. As a journalist I interviewed hugely different characters, always using my intuition to get to their truth and their best stories.

I had to see, feel and taste a crazy bunch of experiences before I could let go of my own limiting beliefs. Feisty like a terrier, I was hanging on to blame, shame and guilt. Too old was just another sabotage of owning my essence. Too old was like a bucket of cold water; wake up!!

I had to see, feel, and taste this crazy bunch of experiences before I felt ready to share my discoveries and to intuitively understand and assist others. There’s a huge difference in having felt and just having theorized about things.

I was recently asked if I am a stylist; I help style your life with the most fun therapy there is; dress up.

I call it fashion therapy.

“I wear my soul on my sleeves.”

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