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The most challenging thing I’ve ever done is to shut up my inner bullies.
Angie Weihs



I was a rebel with the cause of me. I became a rebel with the cause of you and me, so I wrote Rebelle, the book that tells the secrets of rebelling. It reveals the powers of NO and the fierce glory of resistance but also the crashes and chaos misguided anger can lure us into. My amazing achievements and terrible glitches turned me into a deeply sensible, compassionate and understanding human being as much as a lighthearted woman who smiles about her failures and giggles about her mirror obsession. I'm imperfect and that's okay.

I am REBELLE. I threw myself into my life experiences with all I had. Each time. We learn a lot by fearless, crazy emotions and painful failures, might even be hit by enlightenment; when I lost all I owned in a stock market gamble I thought, at least I have something to write about.


I am a storyteller; it is my love, my passion. I was born to be a dancer, a chef, an artist, architect and construction worker, a shaman, sorceress and a designer - of words.

My intuition, curiosity and years of interviewing people on all social levels as a journalist as much as my connection to my ancient past made me a fierce explorer of my true voice. Years of experience summoned my super power; to be the sorceress of your hidden, shy, screaming or stumbling story. I stir the alchemy of your anecdotes, feelings and philosophy to a tale that shows the most vibrant truth of you, for your memoir, your branding, your bio or for you to shine on stage.

Like I did with mine.

I found my ageless essence.

Let Rebelle, my book of deep, dark and hilarious tantrums, bitchiness and hot temper, fierce warrioress journeys and swinging of rebel flags entertain you, rock, inspire and uplift you; you might discover reflections of your truth in the mirror of mine.

In June 2018....

And should you want more of me NOW, more time and attention, my knowing and the skills of a STORY SIREN, sent me a note.

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