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I always felt like an Alien looking at this human life with curiosity and awe, exploring it to the max during my visit. I’ve paid a lot of Alien bucks to get here so I better make it amazing.
Angie Weihs
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"I’m not a princess",” she said," I am a black Queen.”

Power to you, sweet little girl. It took me decades to remember my true power. After owning businesses from construction to wedding planning I am back again to where I started; a writer and journalist.

My upcoming magical memoir is a journey through fashion and rebellions, love and hate, vanities and ancient wisdom, motherhood love and martyrdom pain to arrive at the secret of life. (Summer 2019)

Wear your soul on your sleeves is about the power of outfits, how they guide us to our truth and into our true voice. Dress up and find yourself; if you want self awareness what could be more fun than dress up to get to your passion, purpose and authentic branding? (Spring 2019)

I’ve got a few things for you in the meantime; please hit the Ageless Rebel blog and find my thoughts and tips on outfits and life and the journey of writing a memoir.

In the Ageless Rebel shop you’ll find two empowering planners, Soul Sister and Ageless Rebel to serve as sidekicks on your journey to your amazing self. Let’s step into the ART we are together.

If you want to be a Goddess you have to be a warrioress first.

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