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The most challenging thing I’ve ever done is to shut up my inner bullies.
Angie Weihs

"Rebellion is fear on steroids", he said. Wait a minute. Not so fast, all knowing Leo friend. Looking back at my life with the sweet and motherly eyes of my new found self love I had I realized that I had been a rebel all my life in various incarnations. Did I do everything from fear? "You will have to redefine your statement after your hear my stories," I smiled. So I wrote Rebelle, the book that tells the secrets of rebelling. It reveals the powers of NO and the fierce glory of resistance but also the crashes and chaos misguided fear and anger can lure us into. My sweet achievements and sour glitches turned me into a deeply sensible, compassionate and understanding human being as much as a lighthearted woman who smiles about her failures, giggles about her mirror obsession and is finally also proud or her gifts and talents.

Rebelling with the cause of beauty from the insight out I became RE-BELLE, I transform straw into gold.

Storytelling is my love, my passion. I was born to be a dancer, a chef, an artist, architect and construction worker, a shaman, sorceress and a designer - of words. My intuition, curiosity and years of interviewing people on all social levels as a journalist as much as my connection to my ancient past made me a fierce explorer of my true voice. Years of experience summoned my super power; to be the siren who calls out hidden stories. I stir the alchemy of drama and comedy, of feelings and philosophy to a tale that shows the most vibrant truth of you and me, for our memoirs, branding, bios or to shine on stage. Let Rebelle, my book of deep, dark and hilarious tantrums, bitchiness, hot tempers, fierce warrioress journeys and swinging of rebel flags entertain you, inspire and uplift you; the reflections of your truth are in the mirror of mine.

If you want to be a Goddess you have to be a warrioress first.
     Let my skills of a STORY SIREN develop your fierce or funny truth;  sent me a note.


Let my skills of a STORY SIREN develop your fierce or funny truth; sent me a note.

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