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I always felt like an Alien looking at this human life with intense curiosity and awe, exploring all I can during my visit. I’ve paid a lot of Alien bucks to get here so I better make it amazing.
Angie Weihs
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"I’m not a princess",” she said," I am a black Queen.”

Power to you, sweet little girl. It took me six decades to remember exactly that. I rebelled against the princess I was asked to be and lost my Self in pleasing or fighting the world. I never learned how to love others or my self until I looked into the eyes of my son.

My upcoming book Rebelle Barbie is a journey through fashion and rebellions, love and hate, vanities and ancient wisdom, motherhood love and martyrdom pain to arrive at the magic of the archetype of the black queen. The door to a space of etheric white is opened at the end; best cliff hanger ever. Alien mystery….

But wait, it’s not just about entertaining inspiration and the path to my truth, it’s also about your’s.

Rebelling with the cause of “beauty from the insight out” became a fashion therapy manual for your own journey. It’s the most fun way to your Self, to your passion, purpose and authentic branding.

“I have nothing to wear”, show me your outfits and I tell you who your are is project number 2. Available in the spring of 2019.

Stay with me caring for ourselves and getting to know each other via blogs, FB and IG until the oeuvres are done until then.


If you want to be a Goddess you have to be a warrioress first.

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