Outfits talk, fabrics feel. Use their power.


Nothing bothered me, not the honking and slamming of car doors, revving of motors and people yelling on the huge parking lot of this enormous supermarket in Los Feliz, LA close to my tiny organic cooperative. Not even the people passing by, eyebrows raised were of my concern.

What the heck is she doing there?

I followed my spontaneous calling to shoot my outfits.

The friendly mural of the shop’s grungy driveway was perfect for my colors and the satin on my skin felt cool like rain in the spring, like a shower under a garden hose on a hot summer day or a warm bath in the winter.

Like magic I experienced the peace of water.

I was in the satin smooth, non-disturbance Zen zone of the many rivers running through this country, in flow with my surroundings.

I was the pink piece of sea glass on the shore, my edges softened by decades of being tossed around but also warmed by hands holding me like a treasure.

But it was the element itself that got me. I always loved the psychology of water; it flows around obstacles and finds its way through the most strenuous circumstances; continuously effortless. I was the sweetness of a slow flowing creek not the waves of an ocean but even when we fear the tidal wave, embodying it ourselves we are pure power without destruction in mind.

Angie Weihs like water.jpg

The thin vinyl of my glossy puffer jacket is light like cotton candy and felt protective nevertheless.

Fashion therapy tip

When you’re facing a tough day of any kind with possible arguments and iffy challenges and your goal is to focus on the self love of a peaceful warrioress wear a communicative color like blue, the unconditional love of pink or the white of new beginnings and chose a soft and cool fabric, a satin type. Every move and touch will remind you that you can float around any obstacles, dance like.

If you have to become the waterfall thundering down on whatever it is, you know that in the end you’ll land in a pool of calm waters.

Stiffness makes us break, a flow like water will make you invincible.