Fashion over 50. Style with your soul.

What's the cool things about rebels? They say NO to what limits them.

I'm not a fan of getting older especially when looking at the increased maintenance. I'd love a little balance; there must be something amazing about this process? On the prowl to finding aging's perks freedom from styling regulations is one of my favorite empowering discoveries.

Forget midlife style.

Lots of what's offered for the older gals is fashion made for hiding our bodies, denying us our giggle as much as our sensuality. It's either beige, baggy and boring or straightforward business type elegance and "ladylike"; born from the mindset of the mature woman on her way out.

News flash: we are ageless women on our way IN.

The women from Advanced Style rebelle in a big, bold, wild and crazy way; an antidote to going down with a whimper. It is the bold who create balance as they wake us up to new perspectives like true art does.

We give ourselves permission to experiment and experience other shades of being, theatrical or not.

We are art, each of us hidden in a chunk of perceptional cement of our family, peers and society. When we chisel our true form out of our limitations we follow Michelangelo's suggestion; the art is already inherent in the granite waiting to be liberates from its constraints.

We reinvent ourselves and this time around we've got the best stylist ever; our soul.

My motto: If you want to be forever young, you have to do young things.

That means: re-learn to play. Secrets of our soul are hidden in our inner child and she only listens when we play, when we are on her play ground not the critical parents asking her to sit still on the dining table.

"Don't put your feet on my table."

"I put my feet wherever I want them."


In your sacred space, which you created to be just yours and where you can be undisturbed and most importantly doubt-free, do a ritual to let go of your day, of the chatter of normal. It can be meditation, dance, writing; whatever frees you from limiting messages.

Time travel to a happy time in your teenage years. Where are you? What are you doing? What do you feel, think, yearn for? Do you wear what's fun for you and if not what's the amazing style you crave?

Feel the feeling of your expression. Your dreams, your rebel, your ambitions.

Visit a store with many styles, a store in which you can surprise yourself. I love Crossroads Trading as here I feel like an adventurer digging for styling treasures like Indiana Jones digs for skulls.

Let go of your style and ask your inner self to guide you. Pick outfits like a Tarot Card, divine-style yourself.

Let the feelings you have in these outfits tell you stories about yourself.

Buy what empowers you in a new way and wear it with confidence. For yourself. For your soul and purpose. Walk this other you with a giggle.

The results can be amazing and for sure a lot of fun; one of my soul sisters visited a posh bridal store and tried on the fluffiest designer dresses, with 60, and acknowledged a disappointment that had hurt her for decades. She healed the sadness of her marriage gone wrong that day and recouped the spark that love and romance is possible at any age.

Fashion is power when our style expresses our truth.

I had a lot of fashion fun in my 20's, trendsetting long vintage skirts and dresses, up-cycling thrifty finds in a women group's sewing parties and giving Boho a good spin. In my 30's I followed what was en vogue, delighting in my trips to Paris coming home with eccentric outfits that confused the neighborhood. Then I listened to the advice of others; for decades I dressed like the successful entrepreneur, the wife, the mother...

Everything changed when I finally looked into the mirror, not at my skin but into my eyes. I love you, I said. My soul smiled back I love you too.

It took a lot of digging but she had arrived. I was finally here.

I have never been so happy with my fashion game than when I hit 60.

Let's wear what we feel.