Style your way to your amazing Self

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I made a plan and I'm following it. I've often made them and then did them kind-ish. Excus-ish... 12 noon-ish... but today is different. I feel tough, I'm on it. No fear, no procrastination. It's a power object thing.

What's a power object? Anything that lifts you up like your morning espresso, your crush on your convertible or you cowgirl boots, anything that gives you that extra kick you need.

I'm in my new fall fashion jacket by @candiesbrand. It's the perfect Ageless Rebel empowerment design ; a warrioress camouflage print with the feminine sweetness of red and pink flowers. It reminds me of the flower power revolution in Portugal in 1974, one of the events that opened my eyes and changed my life. Portuguese women created companies out of the skills they had been forced to only do at home for decades. They rose from "mulheres sem poder" in a fascist regime to empowered women in a democracy the country longed for decades-long.

Their memory make me sit straighter. Feminine rebellions for the cause of empowerment are the best❤️

But it's the jacket itself that exudes exactly what I want to feel today; resilience, commitment, tough on task with feminine charm and beauty in my mind. Objects have character and power and we can step into it.

I was recently asked if I am a stylist. I'm a life stylist, I thought.  I paused for a second. The awareness of how much I love the actual physical styling part of my warrioress coaching hit me.

I love assisting women to look and feel their best.

Fashion from the insight out

My approach to fashion and style: I do styling and branding from the insight out, who are you and how can you express that with your second skin?

As a warrioress I'm not schlepping my swords around with me, they adorn my home and my dagger sits peacefully on my bed stand, right by the eagle's feathers I was graced with by a Native American shaman.

I am looking for fierce and edgy outfits to express my journey as a warrioress to my truth, the big beautiful YES to who I truly am.

- outfits, which require courage to wear and get me over my limitations,

- pieces that make me feel powerful like boots and men's hats

- super girly dresses, which I was scared of most of my life

- clothes that expand my comfort zone

- edgy designs that tell the world I'm not afraid of ageism. I'm relevant and I'm on it

Discovering our essence and archetypes and make them part of our style is uplifting fun. Style becomes an expression of who we truly are as much as a tool for self awareness. One important ingredient to pick up on the path is self love. I have experienced many times that when we honestly feel love for, not just flirt with our Self it changes our perspective on our whole world.

With self love comes self respect and that creates passionate, authentic style.

Fashion therapy

We visit a clothing store that offers many different styles and try out what we might judge as too girly, yuppie, sensual, rocky or slutty... How do we feel in outfits that are "so NOT me"? How does it change our outlook on life to "step into somebody else's style?'

Clothes have character and we can borrow it until we become it. Playing the role of who we like to be is beautifully creative fake-it-to-make-it, which I'm a big fan of. The best things in my life happened when I made up a powerful me and played it to perfection. Which brings us to:

Fashion theater

We let go and become the outfits we wear. We find a stage into which they fit and take theatrical pictures; drama, comedy, adventure, all goes. We loosen up. Sometimes it needs a glass of champagne. Or two. We let the jumper, dress or coat take us to new places to experience different aspects of life we've never done before; shine at the opera, be crazy arty at the art opening, rock the concert or take that business meeting with the Angel investor we thought was just a dream.

Fashion from the outside in

When you let go and change your style from something you always did and felt safe in, to a new, risk taking you, it might change your whole world - for the best. Just a different hair color can open your eyes to new options and to a new you.

You don't have to follow any rules only the whispers of your soul. She knows who you are and what will make you happy.

Outfits are empowerment

Not just because they make us feel in alignment with our characters, our voice, but because they kick our butts.

We don't cover up anymore, we go for our grandest vision.

Want to fit into that sexy dress? We stop eating starch and junk and after 6 p.m. We drink a lot of water and do a plank every day.

Like to wear sleeveless tanks, look tough like Sarah Connor? We cherish our 8 pounds dumbbells and swing them every day.

Like to be sensual like you've never been before? We take a ride into life coaching and discover the uniqueness of the women we are.

We go out and have uncomplicated fun, we meet our soul mate, get the movie deal,  make the extra cash... we own our dreams just because we feel so crazily amazingly beautiful.

We know who we are and we show who we are.

A note from the queen of creative, milliner LOUISE GREEN
The body is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with hats clothes & other accessories.  The hat and clothes you wear are a reflection of your own personality, creativity and how you present yourself in this world.  I am a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to fashion.  It is such a personal thing!