How to add magic back into your life with daily ritual

The power of ritual

Invite magic back into your life.

“A ritual "is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and performed according to set sequence.” Wikipedia.

What do you feel when you hear the word ritual? I see deep, dark medieval rites, atonement, purification, mystery schools and women tribes dancing. You might see your kids graduation or wedding. What they have in common is that they create a sacred space in sacred time. They celebrate and initiate a new beginning.

Using rituals to make the world a more magical place is an ancient tradition in many cultures; when we create our own we connect to its power and invite magic back into our lives.

The power of rituals is to give new meaning to time and space. It’s a hack of normalcy; we step out of the mundane to experience a deeper side of self, to think, feel, see and act with a refreshed perspective.

I use my morning ritual to invite my soul to show up, she is my essence and knows my voice. As I’m a rebel I don’t listen all the time but when I create my goals with my soul it’s like a bell ringing it my head: they are clear, honest and so much more powerful.

Sacred space, sacred time

Rituals can get us to see everyday things in a new way.

Amidst the ordinary we create a scared space that’s just for us. We adorn it with items that have a special meaning or we give a special purpose. We carve out precious time to be with our selves and make it sacred by allowing ourselves to be truly present and open to listen to our deeper wisdom.

Our space is doubt free and we can let go of judgments be it the mistake we made yesterday or the seriously crazy vision we have for our future. It’s a beautiful shiny bubble, which shuts off the shatter of the world and all its demands. The only person that matters here is you and that is totally okay. Be open, be weird; be free of everything you think you know.

To get to the deeper self, we use sound, fragrance, meditation, painting, writing or dance. You can also dig holes in the garden or throw knifes and darts; just let go of “adulting” and play. Much of who we truly are is hidden in our inner child and she doesn’t listen if we don’t enter her playground.

Women are life-givers and ritual helps us give life to our true selves.

The time and effort are totally worth it. It took me a whole year to let go of my limiting beliefs. I was onto them like a fierce warrior but it was my ritual that finally softened my stubbornness. Always the go-getter, the tough chick, I found my feminine beauty and softness in my morning ritual.

We see ourselves in a new light and that changes our perspective of the world. She’s so much nicer when we are in peace with our selves.

Rituals can make us feel in a new way.

When I sacralize the “normal” I feel like a sorceress adorning my little temple of creation, even in pajamas.

I find morning rituals the most important, if you can spare 30 minutes to honor your Self do it in the morning.

It’s a fresh start, a new day to manifest who you really are. Not being immediately distracted by chores and need to you might even remember a cool dream that sets the tone of your day…

Should you not be a happy little camper when you wake up but your first though it OMG, all that crap I have to do, remember that you have the power to change your feelings about anything.

It’s a decision WE make in every second of your days and especially when we start the day. We create the filter through which we see life and how we react to the uncool stuff is our choice; let it scratch, stumble or poison you or wash over you like a lukewarm shower.

After brainstorming your raw, unfiltered feelings in the morning you use them to consciously re-write your story: you transform every negative into it’s positive, turning your crap into gold. You find a yes in every grumpy no and a powerful no in every wimpy yes. It’s a willful act, which usually meets resistance and doubt but writing it down will make a point.

Morning rituals turn you into the director of your movie in which you and your soul buddy are the heroines.

In the Ageless Rebel Planner we’ve got a treasure chest, where you can chose your tools; your mantras and affirmations. With them you create how you want to feel.

Rituals can make us do things in a new way.

Your morning ritual is a powerful tool to set the tone of your day; it’s getting your bow ready to shoot your manifesting arrows into your life.

What is your goal this week? For your body, mind, soul and spirit?

Why does this matter to you? Find and own your honest motivation. Don’t judge, if you want to be filthy rich it doesn’t have to feel filthy and if your heart yearns for the prince on a black stallion it’s not kitsch. It just has to be you and not a voice from the past and somebody else’s message.

Your truth will change what you go after and how you do it.

Hand writing your goals is a proven psychological tool that gives you deeper clarity and also helps you to commit.

After you decide on your goals and mantras don’t hesitate to set reminders in your smart phone:

I am courage. I can see things differently. I am open to receive…

Repetition is the key to rewiring your brain.

It can make you feel like a trainer of a wild animal and really it’s not too far from it. I even plan my rewards for being a good girl or not taking any bull. 

Telling our brain over and over again that we are fearless, relevant or wise, a Goddess or an Amazone will convince it of our new truth. Reward: a new neuro pathway to success.

Envisioning your future as if it were already here makes your brain believe in it, it doesn’t know which image is real and which is fantasy.

Frame your day or it will frame you
AW Quote


Create your very personal morning and evening ritual


Choose a space where you will be undisturbed

What is the theme of your week?

Clarify a problem?

Finding a solution to an issue?

Manifesting a goal?

Create your mantra

Create your sacred space:

Discover what your theme resonates with using astrology, which colors, animal spirits, artwork, charms or power objects…

Connect to ancient knowing with archetypes; evoke goddess energy, the wisdom of a sage or poet, the magic of a sorceress or ancestor using sound (drum, bells, chimes, song…) divination (tarot cards, runes, spells)

Surround yourself with the items that lift your spirits, support your goals and create your NOW; light candles or diffuse organic oils like frankincense, lavender, rosemary or sage.

The night before:

In your dark and clutter free bedroom ask any important questions you might have.

Declare your expectation of a creative, vibrant morning.

Set your clock 30 minutes to an hour earlier than your regular wake up time, let it wake you up with a song that makes your heart fly or your feet dance.


RE-CAP of some of your options

1.   Soul

o   Music

o   Dance

o   Candles

o   Diffuse essential oils, burn sage

o   Journaling

o   Drawing, doodling, painting

o   Visualize the mantra of the week

o   Let your dreams speak to you


2.   Spirit

o   Affirmations

o   Meditation

o   Spinning


3.   Mind

o   Meditate

o   Read

o   Mind map

o   Planning


4.   Body

o   Rub ice into your face

o   Stretch, Jump rope, rebounder, push-ups, planks

o   Breathe & Shake

o   Water with Lemon, Aloe Vera Juice, Green Smothie

o   Nourish your body with a healthy breakfast

Shake your body and your mind will follow

Your whole body vibration plate is a cool and easy way to let go of body, mind and spirit tensions. Get one here and smile again.

Two beautiful mantras as a sweet gift for your week

I AM …. (beauty, courage, forgiveness, young, love, compassion, now, my ageless essence)

I am open to give and receive what empowers me to own my (beauty…)



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Cute little tidbit:

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