Unstoppable and ambitious

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Have you ever worn shoes that are too tight? My unstoppable, ambitious Zara heels were. They are a 7 and I'm an 8, sometimes an 7 1/2. I thought I can bare it, I'm tough and take risks. And please, they say "ambitious and unstoppable." 1. that's an amazing call to power 2. I absolutely need these shoes 3. I can suffer for this cool message 4. I am unstoppable in my desire to wear what I want. These two words are mine.

I tried. I walked around in the house and cried. Nearly. I'm not a masochist so I took them off before it was too bad. I sighed and decided that just looking at them on my shoe shelf isn't good enough, I had to bring them back. Have them widened at a shoe repair? It doesn't really work, I have experience in this. Why did I get them in the first place? Because this was the last pair and the only size they had.

I was trained to be tough. When brushing my long tousled mane my mom had exercised the wisdom of my grand mother often enough, "who wants to be beautiful has to suffer."

I still have the desire to be beautiful, obviously still listen to my mom in some instants but being unstoppable is the challenge of 2018. And I am ambitious enough to get there.

True to the words I didn't give up. Even after  I had unsuccessfully browsed through 20 webpages to find the unstoppable heels in an 8 I went for it one more time; the act of parting with the tight pair was so against my "there's always a solution" philosophy. Some call me stubborn...

If you want something bad enough manifesting works. I found them in my size. I ordered, making sure the 5 minute window wouldn't close. I am unstoppable.


It's not just "winning" the shoes that uplifts me, it's the process around and the meaning behind them. Words are gifts if we let them, motivators, messengers and manifesting agents. They are one of my messages from the Universe; in a time of doubt they tell me "you can."

Going back through my life long rebel stories for my book Rebelle, I was happily surprised to see how many times my stubborn insisting that "I can do this" against the odds of being a woman or not having capital or missing diplomas won against the naysayers. Not giving up is not just a mindset, it sharpens our mind forcing us to innovative ways of approaching a challenge.

"He is too ambitious", warned my dad when watching my son continuing to the next University to get his PHD. I was a little miffed at his negativity at first but later understood how criticism of our parents is often based in their pain; my dad was very ambitious working as a paper boy and mowing lawns to buy himself skies so that he could slide over ten miles of snowed in roads to school in the harsh winters of his small village in the middle of nowhere. He was called names and beaten up by his brothers for his ambition. He suffered not for beauty but his education and all he got as a reward was a war that made college impossible. I realized that he wanted to protect my son from the disappointment that was still hot and heavy on his heart after decades of life.

To achieve what we want and do anything to get there, women's ambition, often has a negative vibe of bossy, bitchy and relentless. But really it is "a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work." Titles like boss babe or bitch power have become empowerment tools only in the last decade. 

I played with ambition; I was hunting after my goals and got most of what I wanted but neither success, rewards or money fed my soul. Now, with the power of self love under my belt my ambition has changed from me to the world. I was asked what would change in the world if everybody got to read my upcoming book Rebelle?

"Women would discover their truth in their grumpy, in their tantrums, drama queen scenes and "nasty fits", I said remembering the dreams and desires hidden in the passionate and not always friendly theater of my life, "they will be empowered to say No to what limits them and love to own the magic of their Yes."

Three billion women changing anger into amazing....

With unstoppable on one and ambitious on the other foot, how can I not manifest it?

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