Your office is where your heart is

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When you write your heart out you’re not creating a bestseller on a weekend😎 You go to bed with it, get up with in the morning and dream of it.... then you go for it;
- jot down ideas wherever you are in your iPhone - tell Siri your ideas and ROFL when you see what she made of it
- handwrite the amazing epiphany you had in the middle of the night during your morning pages
- connect with the Universe, muse or soul to guide you, please, c’mon
- write in your book-only notebook, one of five
- draw mind maps on a huge drawing block
- sit down with your laptop and write already
- edit like a mad woman staring at your handwritten sign “don’t edit!”
Finally you create an outline of all your bits and pieces
Yeah, not a weekend job.
Oh of course you also evoke the Rebel women before you, annoy your friends with your wonders and woes and inspire the world to discover their own amazing story with your excitement💋

My first book was traditionally published in the 80's. I got an advance from the publisher and still wrote journalistic stories "on the side."

What does it cost when you go full time and into self publishing? Depending on who you are and what you need.

For me so far;

Two years of sustaining your modest life $120,000 (everything is relative of course)

Writing and business courses $12,000

Life Coaching $20,000

Photographers $2,000

Outfits and accessories for your branding fashion $5,000 (but only when you're thrifty)

I expect another $7,000 to get it published.

Somebody complained on my FB page that I "just want to get rich"..... I'm pretty sure girl you're talking about yourself:)