Your age-free body, your ageless soul and the diet that fits them both

I did Keto for ten days, no sugar, low carb, lots of fats and more protein than I usually eat...
It was an interesting, re-setting everything experience, which I can only recommend. I was inspired to follow the rules, (wow!) get a Keto counting app showing cool graphs of how what I was eating looks divided into calories, proteins, carbs and fats. It's fun to try out new recipes - especially if you actually like cooking.
I lost a couple pounds, slept better and feel happier. Most probably because of 30 Trillion happy cells and 40 Trillion good bacteria won over the sugar and carb cravings of a couple billion bad bacteria. No sugar is fantastic.
1. I love my croissant when I write. That's emotional health right here, happiness and content are important. Constant worrying that I do something wrong is defeating the purpose of healthy balance and my stomach tensed up
2. I got sick of pouring oil over everything. My body simply told me "don't do so" with slight nausea after ten days when only smelling coconut oil
3. I like the longevity promising concept of intermittent fasting but it doesn't quite fit my life, it's close though. I stop eating at 6 and have breakfast at 9. That's 15 of the 16 hours recommended rest.
4. I don't like eating animals so the chicken and salmon excursion did not enrich my daily experience or make me feel stronger. I'm a vegetarian so it reminded me that eating animals isn't for me.
5. I had to wash my hair more often as it looked fatty fast
What I learned:
Experiment with concepts and listen to your body's reaction and messages
What I mastered:
I follow the basic rules of a diet that makes sense to me; low carb, minimum sugar                          I mix a badass bullet proof coffee                           
I don't eat late
I don't emo-binge
I don't have a whiskey with game of thrones
(Get your dragoness fire elsewhere)                                                                                              What I give myself permission for:                                                                                                        - to buy expensive organic foods as food is medicine                                                                         - to stay happily vegetarian                                                                                                                 - to thoroughly enjoy my croissant when writing and the amazing dark sugar free chocolate when diving into TV magic       

- Food is pleasure; I will enjoy social eating

Keto got me into my the rebel queen'sstrengths of strategy, discipline and the wisdom of intuition. It was totally worth ten days of feeling hungry most of the time. As I ate my prescribed calories, I assume that "hunger" was more the bad bacteria telling me they're freaking want their sugar.
Today I had guacamole without chips for lunch, no oil added.

Did you know that crushing garlic and letting it sit for a few minutes for chemical reactions to happen enhances its powers?
What's about your diet experiences?