How do you feel enough?

What do you mean HOW? I don't feel enough, so there no how.

Why not?

"Cause I'm "too much."

That's what I was told as a kid; I was too loud, bossy and boyish or to too girly, giggly and sissy, I talked too much, ran too fast and my opinions were totally too much. I reinforced these messages with every boy friend, professor or boss.

Telling the mirror "I love you?" I gave my image the finger instead.

I took me a year going through stages and stages of resistance, halfhearted okays and attempts of acceptance. To get to unconditional love in general was intense, to apply the concept to myself seemed borderline impossible. I had flirted with myself over the years but love? I lived six decades without it. You get used to that.

What changed? I transformed my inner rebel who had fought to be acknowledged, accepted, applauded and approved by the outside world to rebel for me for a chance; for me to love my Self.

Our cemetery of broken dreams is waiting.

Our cemetery of broken dreams is waiting.

I arrived at "I feel ENOUGHER".

Following the flashlight of my anger back in time I had discovered my inner rebel as the driving force in my life, lifting me up and crushing me. The first I was supposed to have said wasn't mom or dad, it was NO.

When AGING came along the NO!! was huge. I hadn't lived my "real" me yet, I didn't even exactly know who that was. I couldn't age, I needed time. So I rebelled against biological downfall and decay, screamed against OLD.

My soul's aggressive "never ever call me Senior!" woke me up. I took my anger and transformed it into medicine. Not only did I acknowledge my fierce rebel girl, I began to understand her, become her and use her power to shed my chains.

I entered the graveyard of my forgotten dreams.

In them I found the lost pieces of myself. My rebel journey guided me to my beautiful Yes to who I am; a warrioress for the magic of my life, my knowing, intuition and vision. I find treasures every day now just because I am open for their existence and believe that I'm good enough to deserve them.

In my warrioress coaching we summon our inner rebel to eliminate what is hindering us. On level 2 we enter the warrioress phase, manifesting our Yes to our amazing potential and truth. One day we'll get to level 3, to simply BE all we are. I love the word goddess for this stage, as she's grand, a gorgeous enoughness. But to get there we have to be a warrioress first and feel in all our cells what it means to be free of limiting beliefs and to be grateful for our sweet little human selves from the bottom of our soul; self love is the alchemy for a fulfilled life.
I love the warrioress,  she puts a smile on my face every day and kicks my butt whenever needed. "Enougher" feels pretty amazing.

Goddess here we come...👑