Ageless Rebel Facebook Group. A Playbook of engagement.


“Ageless Rebel” is a community-oriented group for women of all ages who love to share their skills, stories, their powers and style as much as their woes, worries and pet peeves with ageism. We love open-minded discussions of a wide spectrum; dogs as gurus, living forever or the yummiest healthy dishes and fashion ideas.

We like to keep it friendly but not sugar coated. Say what you truly feel without hurting others.

This is a safe place where we are supporting each other, including our stumbles. Even when we sometimes react hastily we can always take a breath, feel it out and respond again from a non-judgmental balance. How can we learn balance without falling? We learn to grow together. Stepping into other women’s shoes and understand other lifestyles and view points expands our own.

Be brave, feel loved and encouraged to be YOU.

“What does this (truly) matter to me?” is often a great question to answer when responding or posting.

We love cool and helpful stuff, but please don’t advertise your expertise or product without checking in with us first.

If you like to know a little more about the group and it’s founder’s background and intention, read on:)

This group was started in the beginning of 2017 and as the Ageless Rebellion Movement is approaching 1,000 women nationwide its Ageless Rebel group follows slowly and organically, paddling into international waters.

Angie Weihs, founder of the Ageless Rebellion, is a writer, entrepreneur and empowerment coach living in California.

In 15 years of wedding and event planning Angie has styled amazing events, organized locations, catering, ceremonies and assisted over a thousand brides, their brides maids and mothers. That’s a bunch of fun and drama right there and finding a balance between integrating and reinventing tradition. Angie became a creative force of design innovation, and discovering unique event themes as much as being the psychological support and balancing element many of the events need and love.

Her adventurous life in several countries includes 500 published journalistic stories and even more photos, a traditionally published book, and diverse business ventures from a construction company to a restaurant and art gallery to a clinic for natural treatments. Angie always focused on innovation and eco conscious measures; her ideas often became trendsetting.

Things didn’t work out that gloriously in the last decade when unresolved issues and beliefs manifested in a stock market disaster, followed by a power sucking job and the lack of true joy and fulfillment. Her fear of aging was the last drop…

Angie nearly died i a car crash so that she would wake up to her truth and rebel power; in 2016 she left her suffocating safety mode and reinvented her life.

Her latest goal is to transform the disappointment and anger too many people are burdened with, into their treasures and powers. She created exercises and rituals for clarity and using the inner rebel to say NO to what does not work any longer.

“The fire of anger no longer hinders or destroys us but becomes the life changing element that burn away our chains. When our stage of life is decluttered we can finally create the story that is truly us.”

That’s where she is now in her personal journey; she calls it being a warrioress for our big beautiful YES and she shares her thoughts, feelings, fears and braveries in this group.

Angie always says that the many challenges and adventures of her life let her deep dive into all possible human feelings, the good, the bad, the ugly and the incredibly glorious and made her the intuitive coach she is today.

She published the Ageless Rebel Planner (available on Amazon) with La Femme Futura Publishing as a sweet sidekick for women’s empowerment journey, which will be followed by her Soul Sister planner in October 2017. “Pretty Empowering Thoughts of a Rebel Queen” will be published in November.

Her memoir From Grumpy Bitch To Happy Witch, describing how our inner rebels trick, trip and guide us until we make friends with them and own our power is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Angie offers one on one coaching and workshops to summon your inner rebel, discover your warrioress strength and reinvent your life. She is in the process of adding virtual training.