Ageless Rebel Facebook Group. A Playbook of engagement.


“Ageless Rebel” is a community-oriented group for women of all ages who love to share their skills, stories, their powers and style as much as their woes, worries and pet peeves with ageism. We love open-minded discussions of a wide spectrum; dogs as sidekicks, living forever or the yummiest healthy dishes and fashion ideas. Support sometimes means constructive criticism and helpful feedback isn’t always praise. When we come from love support can be many things.

The two main themes and guides offered by Angie Weihs are based on life long studies and exploration and three years of experimenting, experiencing and learning in these two fields.

“Outfits Talk” - Fashion theater/ fashion therapy

How can we discover ourselves and our beliefs in our outfits? What do they tell us that we haven’t seen yet in therapy? Outfits guide us to deeper levels, even to our myth and make our story fun and crystal clear.

How do fashion and trends become tools to manifest our dreams?

Let’s align our story and outfits with our message and branding.

“Instagram is our Guru”

How can social media empower us and make us grow?

We make our galleries a picture book of who we truly are.

Styling and social media can be daunting but we transform them into sidekicks of clarity and empowerment.