7 tips and tricks how to raise simple objects to power objects

“I’m not your power object!” My power girl dog didn’t want to pose. She’s right; no girl should be an object of any kind…

“I’m not your power object!” My power girl dog didn’t want to pose. She’s right; no girl should be an object of any kind…

How do we stay happy during the day?

From exercise over healthy nutrition, alternative medicine to mindset exercises like reframing negative situations to their positive lessons there are many beautiful options. Here’s to playfully transforming mundane objects into power objects.

In the bigger picture

We become warrioresses of our own stories, heroines conquering our mind. We give meaning to and discover beauty in the mundane. Like using a mantra we focus on the gifts and talents we have and enjoy our possessions.

Like I inspire my friends with my smile; today it will inspire me.

Or, I’m walking to my Mini Cooper NOT thinking that I’d rather have a jeep infiltrator but thanking the little dude for being so cute and having served me so well for three years.

7 tips and tricks on the practical level how to make simple objects our sidekicks

It’s a bunch of baby steps and tricks to stay healthy, on top, motivated; happy.

One of them is POWER OBJECTS.

Power objects come in many shapes and forms and often it’s the meaning we consciously give them that in return feeds us.

Morning Ritual

1. Drink a tall glass of warm water

I drink it with the thought of being hydrated, feeling my cells being happy and opening my arms afterwards feeling connecting to the life giving water sources of our beautiful planet

2. Light a candle

I chose a lavender scent, inviting my soul into the picture “I’m open for guidance”

3. I set up my Ageless Rebel journal for my morning pages, open for insights from a deeper level of my knowing

4. I read a few pages of a book that speaks to me, waking up my mind

5. As my divinatory play I choose my tarot cards to wake up my intuition through ancient imagery (this could be anything from opening a random page in a bible to astrological ideas)

5. I enjoy my coffee swirled creamy with coconut oil and a little butter thinking power thoughts, coffee makes me happy, that’s the power I gave to it and the caffeine:)

6. My muse power object reminding me of my goal to stay happy is my outfit

I choose my outfit matching my goal for the day, forgetting about trends. (mostly)

What would you like to feel and to show the world? Which color makes you happy?

For the feeling I want to create for my day “I am safe, loved and supported”, I chose soothing, calming and supportive colors.

Angie style.JPG

I will go with dark green, it feels like nature, earthy and that I am happy to be part of this planet. I chose woodsy boots, brown like the handbag, which is adorned by a golden Ouroboros; I always like to invite magic into my day. Answers from the Universe in random messages and synchronicities make me happy. Boots let me walk my path with strength and feeling in control while still being open to the unexpected.

7. My shamanic friend Rosanne created a little power pouch for me; I change the objects according to my needs. For my birth month of November, which responds to other stones than only Topaz I choose a balancing Amethyst, keeping the feather, which to me says expansion and openness and the leopard pendant, which means to walk my talk in beauty and power. Confidence, connection and courage make me happy.

I take my dog Pinky Lee wherever I can. She’s my sidekick.

What are your power objects?

Enjoy a vibrant day.