Rebelliously amazing or terribly vain?

I was inspired by Jane Fonda in the 90's and love her ageless rebellion today...

I was inspired by Jane Fonda in the 90's and love her ageless rebellion today...

How could she?” “She wants to look like 18 with 79!!” “Her jewelry was worth 2,5 million…”

Don’t you dare to be self confident when close to 80. Because the world around will be threatened. It’s not normal to be vibrant and relevant at that age. You are supposed to kick the bucket, not kick butt. Ageism wants you in a wheel chair.

Sexy 80 is impossible like Che Guevara in Armani…

The heated discussion about Jane Fonda sassy looks at 79 woke my inner rebel this morning; I thought I was witnessing a witch hunt.

She is too OLD to be this young!

I love how rebels poke into society’s pain.

Sure I’m pissed too that I don’t have that kind of jewelry. Sure I’d love to have time and cash to hang in spas and have a team of experts work on me. (no surgeries for me though please) I get that people envy her, I get that her money would do better in orphanages then shining in sapphires.

But nobody complains when “young” actresses overload themselves with bling. Rarely anybody complains when Jennifer Lopez supports killing exotic animals so that she can adorn herself with their skin.

Vanity: having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth… So what, it’s okay for young “celebrities” but they shouldn’t do this with 79???

Why not look amazingly sensual and vibrant at 60, 70, 80 and on and on?
I love how Jane Fond treats herself like art, that’s what I feel we all should do; to copy her amazing confidence and self love and embody our most amazing vision of ourselves no matter what age.

The question is what this most amazing VISION truly is, without society messing up our minds.
When we’re decluttered from fear and old messages we can go for our OWN kind of beauty, be it proud wrinkles or bold adventures under the knife.

I see Jane’s look as a perfect representation of who she feels she is. Even the in-your-face jewelry overkill; Jane Fonda is a rebel, just watch interviews with her best buddy Lily Tomlin We should expect that she knows what she’s doing. This is not overextended ego but a message, she says: I AM WORTH THIS. ALL THIS.

Whatever that means for you or me, that’s where we should shoot our arrows of manifestion; into being our full package.

We are worth it.

On a personal note:
I don’t have neither the guts not the cash to have my face ripped off and reattached. For me it’s about mindset and lifestyle; owning our tantalizing power with all we are and all we’ve got. I am art and embodying my most amazing vision of myself no matter what age, is my warrioress goal.

I’m discovering my essence in my wrinkles, what I do with them later when I’m in my full power? No idea yet. By then we might have Nanos.