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I always felt like an Alien looking at this human life with curiosity and awe, exploring it to the max during my visit. I’ve paid a lot of Alien bucks to get here so I better make it amazing.
Angie Weihs
"I’m not a princess",” she said," I am a black Queen.”

"I’m not a princess",” she said," I am a black Queen.”


I am Angie Weihs and I am honored you are here!

I discovered fashion to be an amazing tool not only to express our feelings and let our true colors connects us to like minded women but also to be a creative guide to our true selves.

My outfit journeys are stories of how to feel empowered through style and beauty and how to access what I call the “inner giggle”, the space where our uninhibited, curious, open child energy lives. Our creative life force energy is waiting to be released.

I facilitate the “rise” of this life force energy through finding what really matters to us accessing our true feelings; how to re-discover what makes you uniquely beautiful so you can feel a new, deeper confidence and walk your talk in stylish heels (or sneakers)

We are art and to embody it with all our might we shed limiting beliefs and empower each other to be the opposite of society’s ageism. This in turn is what lights up the world.

Power to you, sweet little girl and the loving, confident and embracing woman you will become.

If you want to be a Goddess you have to be a warrioress first.

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